Why Franchising

Strength in Branding

  Branding is one of the strengths of Dr. Lips. We provide services that appeal to those who want to stay beautiful and revived.

  Our name is made up of two specific words, each with its own unique mental imaging that unite creating a solid business franchise brand. Dr.= Professional, Trust, Education, Regulated, Safety

Lips= Sexy, Hot, Fashionable, Vital, Trendy

Media & Adverstisment

Dr. Lips brand is just as important as providing the best in aesthetic procedures. What good would our services be if no one was aware of what we do? 

  We get the word out through our centralized position for the entire network through the coordination of advertising 

materials and strategies.

Support for You

  For an environment of quality and consistency, Dr. Lips provides support in the critical areas of operation.

  • Location Visits and Management assist.
  • Operational support, Accounting, Legal
  • Internal support, Ongoing Research and Development
  • Signature Products


Dr. Robert Gordon


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Dr. Esmael Valdez

Sante Fe, New Mexico

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Dr. Robert Gordon

Boca Raton

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Are You Ready

Does the thought of working with a revolutionary concept of making people look and feel good put a smile on your lips?

If so, it is time to become part of Dr. Lips. Just click the "contact" button up at the top now!

We would love to discuss your goals and dreams in clinical esthetics, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

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