Dr. Lips Faculty

Dr. Frank DiMauro

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Dr. Harold Elke

Dr. Elke has particular special interest in Facial Aesthetics and Botox.

Close the deal

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Dr. Lips Franchise, the leader in lip augmentation.

Esthetics Series

This library contains videos relating to all the component of esthetics. Three areas of esthetic covered are clinical, philosophical and pragmatic esthetics. This series of videos are developed to foster your constant growth and development as a Dr. Lips Provider.

Practice/Client Persona/ Experience Journies

This library includes Lip Augmentation training. Lip Filler training that will insure a successful lip augmentation franchise. 

Clinical Modules by Date

Every month our Dr. Lips providers prepare and load their interesting cases for all members to share. Contained within this library are over a hundred live and archived videos.