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December 8

Robert Gordon DDS, MFA, Ph.D. cnd.


There is much more to facial aesthetics than just technique. Dr. utilizes is an Clinician, artist and a Scholar of aesthetics. Utilizing artistic training from the renaissance to current methods of aesthetic training, Dr. Gordon's training is the complete facial aesthetic training.  

Dr. Gordon C. V.

Certify as a Master in Facial Aesthetics


Traditional artistic training with real clinical application. Hand's on models, live patients and Lots or art to study. 

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Own your Dr. Lips Studio. Low investment, High return all the while practicing facial aesthetics. 

December 8 Dr. Lips Clinical Training

Zone 1

Lip and Peri-oral Aesthetics

Zone 2


Zone 3

Mid  to upper face.

Turn-Key Operation

Dr. Lips Prides itself on being a leader in lip augmentation  franchise franchising. In a highly competitive market place, Dr. Lips establishes the new franchisee with maximum training, full buildout support and disruptive marketing techniques. All in order to establish your Dr. Lips storefront as the leader in lip augmentation.

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Lip Anatomy & Histology

Anatomy of the lip and peri oral area in relationship to proper product placement and optimal esthetic results. All too often practitioners place esthetic fillers in the improper locations. This results in an excess of material being used, over augmentation and unsatisfactory aesthetic results.

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Lip Injection Techniques & Materials

Lip injection techniques and Materials. These include the 4 P's of lip injections. The Dr. Lips techique. method will allow consistent placement, results and long lasting aesthetics in lip augmentation procedures.

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Anesthetic Applications for Lips Augmentation

Anesthetic application for lip augmentation. Covering lip innervations and how to acquire proper lip anesthesia for appropriate lip augmentation. All in the goal of performing a painless and aesthetic lip augmentation.

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